Frequently-Asked Questions

Which Python versions are supported?

As Matthew writes, “… the intention is for PyPDF2 to work with Python 2 as well as Python 3.” (source)

In January 2014, the main branch works with 2.6-2.7 and 3.1-3.3 [and maybe 2.5?]. Notice that 1.19–the latest in PyPI as of this writing–(mostly) did not work with 3.x.

I often merge [concatenate] various PDF instances, and my application ‘craters’ with certain files produced by {AutoCAD, my departmental scanner, …}, even though the original files display OK. What do I do now? Crucial ideas we want you to know:

  • All of us contend with this sort of thing. Vendors often produce PDF with questionable syntax, or at least syntax that isn’t what PyPDF2 expects.

  • We’re committed to resolving all these problems, so that your applications (and ours) can handle any PDF instances that come their way. Write whenever you have a problem a GitHub issue.

  • In the meantime, while you’re waiting on us, you have at least a couple of choices: you can debug PyPDF2 yourself; or use Acrobat or Preview or a similar consumer-grade PDF tool to ‘mollify’ [explain] your PDF instances so you get the results you are after.